What is JunkStage Earth?

It is a portrait studio on Web that sees the world in the overhead view through photographs of "Spectacle that doesn't appear in the major media."

How to join JunkStage Earth?

We are accepting the submission of the photograph from anyone around the world. Follow the theme which we present each time, and please post the photograph of the country where you live or of the place where you had traveled.
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Why is JunkStage Earth estaqblished?

Do you know Joseph Kimojino from the Masai tribe?
He is a member of Masai tribesmen with high digital literacy. He takes the photograph in the savanna and has opened it to the public to people all over the world. Those photographs are moments that we usually do not meet, for instance, the lion is vomiting the fluff ball.
The reason to cut the shutter is "News that exists there now" or "One to be left," and its subjects are multifarious in each individual. Therefore, we decided to set the common thread and to accept the photograph submission along it.
The 1st theme: "the true value of 500 yen*."
Please post the photos showing what the value of 500 yen is in your country or in the favorite country where you traveled. It could be the value of 500 yen for you there.
*500 yen is about equal to 6 dollar or 4.5 euro.

Where is JunkStage Earth aiming to?

What on earth are "Poverty" and "War"?
Have ever met a big ditch against which it cannot fight when you are traveling the world?
Media tell a lie because it is parts of politics. More than that, our eyes could be the most subjective and obstinate in the world. By collecting many moments cut out by "Someone's eyes," we would like to see how the world will emerge from them.

Dear Visitors

Please enjoy the photograph slowly, by all means. Each moment is one and only one that someone had carved somewhere on the earth all over the world. If you have any questions or ideas, please mail to earth@junkstage.com. We welcome the contact from the person such as the international contribution group who is interested in cooperation.
To person having the photograph concerning travel and the world:
Please post them from Facebook Fanpage.

By the way, are you wondering who I am?

I am neither a manager nor an authority. I am just a person like you who loves a travel and a music. We might meet someday somewhere. Until then see you again here at JunkStage Earth!

JunkStage Earthとは?



―わたしたちは、世界中のあらゆる方から、写真の投稿を受け付けています。住んでいる国、旅した国の写真を、JunkStage Earthで紹介してください。
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―わたしは管理人でもオーソリティでもありません。どこにでもいる、旅と音楽を愛する、あなたのような人間です。きっとどこかで、出会うでしょう。そのときまでは、See you again here at JunkStage Earth!